Job Placement

If you want to get ahead into a career in the professions you should consider doing work placements within the sector you are interested in. It's a good idea to start early - don't wait until you graduate to gain experience: the jobs market is competitive and by showing your commitment as soon as you can, you will stand out.

Be creative when thinking about Job placements - use your contacts; take a look at the professional body for your sector, and see what opportunities they offer; use your holidays wisely by putting some time aside for gaining experience as well as enjoying time off.

We advertise hundreds of Job placements other opportunities through our mail, as well as CV tips and interview advice. 

 Part-time Employment

Requests are made to the office for on and off campus part-time employment of students. If you need to participate in this programme, you may apply through your updated Resume at the office/online. Your Resume will be sent to following employer as soon if jobs are available.

Please note that first year students are not allowed to apply until the second semester of the academic year.

Alumni Placement

Throughout the year, private and public sector organizations advertise their vacancies with the Department. Alumni are therefore invited to submit their resumes so that they can be assisted in their job search. Assistance is also given in job-hunting skills and techniques and resumes writing. Alumni also have access to our office of Career Development Centre.

 Just some of our services regarding Job Placements include:


  • Individual counseling on resume development and cover letter writing, interview skills, job search processes, and career interest assessments.
  • Workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, job search strategies, company research, and dining etiquette.
  • Hosting networking events, such as Corporate Connections, Career & Internship Fair
  • Manage Spot recruiting interviews and employer information sessions