Four-Year Plan for Student Success by CDC, DIU

The Career Development Center works with students beginning their first year at DIU. From narrowing down interests and abilities to finding their first jobs, the CDC helps students create individual plans for success.

First-Year: Adjust to DIU Life

  • Learn about the university and the DIU community.
  • Make connections with faculty, staff, and students and get involved on campus including different clubs.
  • Take a variety of classes and keep an open mind about choosing a major.
  • Meet with the CDC Coordinator to learn about resources and services. Begin to develop a personal plan for success.

Second Year: Select a Major

  • Use CDC self-assessment tools to learn about interests, abilities, and values.
  • Prepare a resume to begin the search for a part-time job, internship, study abroad program, research project or community engagement experience.

Third Year: Translate Experiences into Career Goals

  • Choose three to five interests and relate them to career goals.
  • Make connections with professionals in fields of interest.
  • Continue to gain experience through part-time jobs, internship, research projects and community engagement experiences.
  • Utilize CDC resources on resume and interviewing.

Fourth Year: Implement Goals

  • Organize a self-directed job search plan.
  • Refine resume and complete a mock interview in the CDC.
  • Complete different applications.