International Training

International Training Program: Career Development Center (CDC) is aiming to deliver world standard training to the graduates of DIU in order to enhance and flourish the capacity of the students, adaptability, and sustainability, accountable and professional to meet the demand of 21st century’s corporate demand.   CDC is offering different and versatile corporate training with international standard such Professional Excellence Program (PEP) by Evolve360, New Delhi, India and Employability Plus by The Future Leaders Ltd, UK currently conducting the most unique Training program in Bangladesh which is not offering anywhere else in the country.

Professional Excellence Program (PEP): This program is designed with the aim of equipping participants with the essential skills they need to get into corporate environment and are essential to successful employment. This program teaches personal management skills such as positive attitudes, communications and behaviors. Lesson plans and practical exercises address issues of responsibility, adaptability and teamwork.

Employability Plus:  Bangladesh ranks 7 among 220 countries of the world in terms of the size of its work force; estimated as 72.5 million. With a current labor force growth rate of 3.32 percent annually, it has been estimated that 7.32 million additional jobs will have to be created by the year of 2017. The country is trying to diversify its economy, with a priority of industrial development. To cope up with this challenge CDC and TFLL is aiming to deliver skills training to buildup the capacity of the workforce for local and international job market.
Access to employment either paid or self are at the core university leavers priority, hence, right skills set are a must and that’s why Career development Center (CDC) along with TFLL are designing and conducting to ensure employability among the students. The training is intended to addressing the needs of up-scaling the capacity of the students.  The Future Leaders Ltd, UK has been delivering funded capacity building training program in the UK as core competence among other services. TFLL also delivered ‘Worknet Training Services’ funded by the local government of the London Borough of Waltham Forest in 2010-2014. TFLL has the experience to facilitate skills training program under ‘Working Neighborhood Fund’ by the central government of UK.

The purpose of holding international training is:

  • Make competent the graduates for world standard
  • Facilitate the students with different types of workforce skills to cope up with different innovation
  • Help in addressing employee weaknesses
  • Improvement in workers performance
  •  Consistency in duty performance
  •  Ensuring employee satisfaction
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Improved quality of services and products
  •  Reduced cost
  • Reduction in supervision