With the aim of assisting DIU students with their job placements (part-time and full time), CDC searches for employment for them on a regular basis in newspapers, and on websites and through different online web portals. New vacancies are posted to the e-mail inboxes of DIU students so that they can apply for those positions. What’s more, CDC provides career counseling, and organizes training, workshops & other relevant events to prepare DIU job seekers with the necessary skills and knowledge to appeal to recruiters. Moreover, CDC makes links and contacts with different employer organizations to promote the competences and abilities of DIU students for their consideration.

Full-time students who are not in a situation to spend all their time on internships are encouraged to seek part-time jobs. DIU policy is also to engage our current students in different part-time jobs on campus.

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Part-time Employment

Requests are made to the Office for on- and off-campus part-time employment. If you wish to participate in this programme, you may apply by uploading your most recent resume online or drop it in at the CDC office. Your resume will be sent to employers as soon as jobs are available. Please note that first year students are not allowed to apply until the second semester of the academic year.

Spot Recruitment

CDC arranges different spot interviews at on-campus recruitment events, which are directly conducted by various employer organizations. These help students get jobs without wasting time on formalities. As this event is very popular with students, CDC is trying to arrange more of them attended by more organizations.


Name of Organization

Exam Date

Partial View

On Campus Recruitment of DBG Technology (XIAOMI)

4 Feb, 2022


On Campus Recruitment of SEBPO

 27 March, 2022  


SI2 Limited

June 05, 2018


bKash Limited

June 07, 2018

05 Digicon Technologies Limited June 28, 2018
06 Augmedix Limited September 22, 2018
07 bKash Limited October 04, 2018
08 Cloudexis Technologies Limited November 04, 2018
09 Unilon Textiles Limited November 28, 2018
10 Young Optics BD Limited December 04, 2018
11 Ulkasemi Pvt. Limited December 23, 2018
12 SI2 Limited December 26, 2018
13 Kazi IT Center Limited January 07, 2019
14 SI2 Limited February 10, 2019
15 Augmedix Limited March 03, 2019
16. Cloudexis Technologies Limited March 04, 2019