The main objective of university education in its early days was to create new knowledge and come up with innovative ideas through research and study. Accordingly its activities, at that time, were mainly to do with research and teaching. But nowadays, the concept of a university has changed a lot due to social demands as well as to meet the requirements of business and economic development. What’s more, one of the professional as well as ethical responsibilities of a modern university is to guide and advise students on how to develop their future careers. In fact, Career Development Center (CDC) of Daffodil International University (DIU) is fulfilling that responsibility by extending support to DIU students in the form of training, seminars, workshops, fests & exhibitions, conferences, counseling, etc.

In this context, CDC has been trying to extend useful practical ideas, knowledge and skills to DIU students. Previously, the focus of CDC services was internships and job placements, believing the student’s main career target was service. But recently the Center has taken the initiative to develop its students as entrepreneurs as well. Accordingly, the Center has introduced various new training courses and other programs in the field of entrepreneurship development.

CDC believes that the most effective tools in competing in the job market are developing students with quality knowledge and skills, especially soft skills which highlight their other abilities and competencies. Therefore, the Center is also working with soft skill development programs. Finally, the Center is involved with research activities, public-private partnerships, international collaborations, etc.

All in all, CDC is committed to helping with satisfying and profitable careers for all DIU students either as job seekers or as entrepreneurs who will create jobs for others.