In recent years, the Bangladeshi services sector has grown substantially which has led to a robust increase in domestic IT & ITES service demand: currently the revenue from domestic IT services is almost twice the amount of the revenue from IT & ITES exports. According to BASIS survey, there are over 800 registered software and ITES (IT Enabled Service) companies in Bangladesh. There are another few hundred unregistered small and home-based software and IT ventures doing business for both local and international markets. The total industry size is estimated to be around US$ 400 million. Approximately 70,000 professionals – the majority IT and other graduates – are employed in the industry. Though compared to other traditional mainstream industries, the contribution to overall employment creation is not especially high, if considered in terms of creating high quality employment (average monthly compensation over Tk. 15,000 per month), the software and IT service industry is surely one of the top graduate employment sectors in the country.

Through the ‘ICT Job Market in Bangladesh’ survey, the following facts & figure should focus on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry of Bangladesh:

  1. job market outlook in different ICT sectors;
  2. survey-based economic perceptions of job seekers and industry players;
  3. the latest salary reports (average standard salary) of ICT professionals by industry (entry to mid-level, according to expertise arena);
  4. average salary of ICT professionals in Bangladesh compared to English-speaking countries where placement opportunities are available for Bangladeshi ICT talent migration or soliciting;
  5. national representatives of the ICT industry, trade bodies, business associations, professional associations and regulatory bodies
  6. ICT members’/associations’ contribution to the total ICT revenue in the country.