The study aims to analyze the job market outlook in different ICT sectors and to introduce industry-oriented practical learning programs through academic curricula to tertiary level education in Bangladesh.

To implement the idea of digital Bangladesh, we need to address and prepare comprehensive data about the job market in the IT and ITES industries of the country. In this connection, DIU has taken an initiative to study the ICT job market in Bangladesh to assist all the stakeholders in the sector by providing information on salaries earned by ICT professionals in Bangladesh. The study will include data analysis on relevant areas regarding the job market in Bangladesh, like the average monthly salary of ICT professionals, industry clusters, job category, job function, employment size and years of working experience, geographical location and gender.

The Digital Bangladesh vision needs to be translated into achievable policies based on available resources, which should be disbursed in a manner that is aligned with the industry’s needs, leveraging ICT growth. At the business-environment level, there is a need to bring the government closer to the operational needs of the industry.

We believe that this study will contribute significantly to Bangladesh Govt. views by creating skilled manpower to meet the upcoming challenges of the ICT Industry in the context of global job placement.